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I love her
I heard a tapping in my window so I turned over and moaned. The tapping sound continued.              "What?" I moaned. Nothing. I went over and opened the window. "Julia," I exclaimed as I looked down, "What are you doing here?"
"I wanted to see you." She said
"Its three in the morning. How did you even get here?"
"I walked"
"That's almost five miles!"
"I know"
I ran downstairs and turned off the alarm before opening the door and letting her in.
"Okay baby, go upstairs, I'm right behind you." I said quickly before turning on the alarm and running up the stairs after her.
As I got up to my room I realized I was still dressed in my girly clothes from when I couldn't fall asleep and needed to remind myself of her. "Like my shirt?"
"I love it" she said cheekily.
"Thanks, I got it a while ago from somebody..." I said slightly sarcastically.
"Oh, shush!" She said
"You must be exhausted, lets get you into bed, baby-doll."
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A song for me
You catch my eye and steal my breath away
It happens every time I look that way
Cuz you are perfect in every way.
Hey, I love the way your eyes change shade
I love the way you call me babe
When we touch, it feels like magic
If you left, it'd be so tragic
Cuz baby I love everything about you
I love everything you say and do
I love that you're silly yet sweet
Love your romantic and how you eat
Without you, I'm just incomplete
You can always make me laugh
My love, you are my other half
Whenever you sit and hold me tight
I just know everything's gonna be all right
It feels so good, it must be true
I love everything about you
You know I wish that we were older
So our love together could be bolder
But I'm content to wait for now
Cuz I can picture us years from now
Holding hands while in the car
More in love than we already are
You know, I know that we can stand the weather
If only we always stand together
You and I will last forever
You and me, baby, forever, together.
You can always make me
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Call Me Aaron
Aaron had been left alone with his piano to try and rewrite In The Same Boat, and all because some detective with pretensions to musical theatre greatness had convinced the Oh-So-Brilliant-Director that a rewrite was needed. And Carmen had told Aaron to behave. So while Georgia was off with that good-for-nothing-Bobby doing "rehearsal", he was stuck here, alone, in the room he had claimed as his den. He had overheard some of the chorus members referring to it as his "lair."
He spread out the sheet music on top of the piano; the official "final" copy as well as the notes from when he and Georgia had been working on it. This song had given them no end of trouble when they were working on it, and it seemed that it was rearing its ugly head again. Only this time, he had to face the monster alone.
"Remember," came a sudden drawl, "None'a that there 'Eniah Klinah Trunk Music'."
Aaron jumped and turned around to see a masked man in a cowboy hat lounging against the wall, arms crossed.
"It mak
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I wish I had friends who could be with me at three in the morning randomly


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